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Audrey Desvergne

Discover Lab Management Portal new release

The new release of Lab Management Portal, LMP 1.3, is now available. With this new release, we keep on progressing towards our main goal of making the daily work of researchers much simpler ! LMP 1.3 offers a set of innovative features to meet the challenges of modern research: How to ensure the traceability of…

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outils numériques collaboratifs favorisant le partage de connaissances et de données entre scientifiques
Panorama of collaborative digital tools for knowledge and data sharing between scientists

Collaborative mode is very present today in our personal and professional lives. It is also booming in modern research. More ambitious, multi-disciplinary and expensive projects, an ever-increasing number of scientific articles, fiercer global competition: digital collaboration platforms between scientists can answer major challenges to advance research. Despite the proven effectiveness of these platforms, many scientists are not aware of…

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An overview of digital tools for scientific publications and project funding

Digitalisation continues to evolve, with the emergence of new digital tools. SaaS platforms, web portals, mobile applications and more are innovations that have changed our personal and professional daily lives. Paradoxically, scientific research has been at the forefront of the use of various cutting-edge technologies, like big data in the so-called “omics” approaches in biology for example,…

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recherche mordern
Major challenges for core facilities in modern research

In a world where research uses more and more technologies from different disciplines, technology platforms have become critical for the achievement of scientific projects. Core facilities are offering services which facilitate the collaboration between scientists and enable access to advanced technologies essential to modern research. In this context, what are the main challenges facing core facilities ? This post is…

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plateformes technologiques dans la recherche moderne
The increasing role of core facilities in modern research

As any other field, modern research increasingly relies on innovative technologies and collaborative work. These two elements have become pivotal to meet the global challenges facing research, such as energy, water, food, and climate change. Research institutions cooperate with innovative industries that no longer dissociate the notions of research and innovation. In a knowledge-based economy, most countries rely on…

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