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Modernize user experiences

A modern service portal is a pivotal foundation of your digital transformation. By modern, we mean user experiences matching the standards of the best internet consumer services. Keralia brings unique design and implementation skills for business and IT service portals alike on the ServiceNow platform. Our developers master both web technologies and ServiceNow’s Service Portal, which is a key asset for creating a truly customized portal that reflects your enterprise. We also deliver that expertise for IT service portals on BMC and Micro Focus platforms.

modernize your IT Management platform

The functional scope of leading market solutions and their adherence to open integration standards allow for the implementation of consolidated Service Management platforms. We believe that the growing maturity of IT departments and the necessary evolution of delivery models are creating the right context for successful transformation projects. Keralia develops a pragmatic approach of such projects, based on several decades of accumulated experience, our knowledge of best practices and our high-level expertise around the 3 leading Service Management platforms (BMC, Micro Focus, ServiceNow). Our experts work on the whole lifecycle of IT services : project portfolio management, service catalog, service management, configuration & asset management, financial management, operations management.

transform work

Designed for IT services (ITSM), the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) model expands into other business areas. For example, support functions tend to organize themselves as shared services centers. This is an opportunity to transform the daily work of most people, by standardizing and automating activities and workflows across the enterprise on a single platform. Keralia offers a broad skillset around the ServiceNow platform to assist you in this transformation : expertise on ServiceNow business applications (HR Delivery Services, Customer Service Management), design and development of custom applications on the Now Platform (based on the know-how of Keralia Tech), expertise on our own certified business application for R&D (Lab Management Portal).

enhance the value of your ESM data

With big data on the rise, new activities and jobs have been emerging around data. Keralia has built a specific expertise on data management in a Service Management context. Our expertise centers on the federation of repositories and the deployment of automated discovery tools for building solid foundations for reference data of ESM platforms. Once the foundations are there, we can assist you in enhancing the value you derive from your data, for instance with predictive models based on machine learning technologies.

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