Lab Management Portal : A powerful ServiceNow application to transform work in R&D

Lab Management Portal offers one-click access to instrument catalog, booking and relevant knowledge

LMP Homepage

Lab Management Portal is a user-friendly and customizable lab management software solution designed by Keralia Tech on the Now Platform to transform work in R&D organizations. ServiceNow helps the modern enterprise operate faster and be more scalable than ever before by placing a service-oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes that make up the day-to-day work life. Lab Management Portal modernizes user experience, automates workflows, provides instant access to powerful analytics and enables contextual collaboration between researchers, engineers, technicians, asset managers and lab managers.

Service Catalog & Portal

User-friendly and easily customizable to suit your needs, Lab Management Portal can be used to request services, access knowledge articles and book devices from your catalog. It provides effective and efficient workflow, approval and automation capabilities.

Instrument Reservation

In the Lab portal, devices and services can be booked anytime and anywhere, thanks to the very simple booking interface. Options, rules and booking accreditation can be configured by your platform administrator for any instrument, session type or user.  It is possible to check the availability of several similar devices, according to the applied filters (type, location and period), in a single calendar view. You can also include instruments and  related services in one booking package.

Maintenance Management

In order to guarantee the customer satisfaction and the accuracy of results, instrument maintenance and upgrade activities can be set up and scheduled in a recurring way. The portal can be used to manage device maintenance by reporting unavailability periods and automatically blocks access to the reservation of unavailable devices.

Usage & Billing Management

This module allows a high level of customization, such as pricing rules adjustments, credit management, discounts and subsidies. Your platform administrator can schedule the sending of usage and billing reports and invoices according to your cost center and organization structures. The configurable settings allow automatic or manual approval of invoices. The progress of an invoice can be tracked by the display of a clear and precise status.

LMP Calendar

Knowledge Management

Lab Management Portal’s knowledge base allows users to easily find answers on a variety of subjects with a Google-like search engine. This is particularly helpful to enable research workers to gain instant insight into the technical capabilities of complex instruments and select the device that is best suited for their planned experiment.

User Administration

Access control and users can be managed by defining groups with specific roles that provide selective access to Lab Management Portal functionalities. In the current release, Lab Management Portal comes with two profiles out of the box: Platform Administrator and Platform User.


By email, SMS and push notifications, users can send and receive communication available and customizable for all application features. Lab Management Portal notifications include:

  • Booking submission, modification and cancellation ;
  • Accreditation submission and validation ;
  • Invoice information.


Thanks to advanced reporting functionalities, you will gain in efficiency by instantly retrieving and sharing up‑to‑date information across all Lab Management Portal features. Lab Management Portal reports are easily customizable and available directly via the portal homepage.

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